Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lovely Wall Wednesday

Chevron Striped Wall
I recently received an email from a reader, Melanie, who was inspired by one of my previous blog post about my love for chevron stripes!  She originally inquired about chevron rugs but due to her own budget constraints she decided on painting the stripes on her wall instead.  She so kindly shared her pictures with me to share with all of you! I absolutely love the outcome!

Melanie has a great blog of her own that I encourage you to check out as well as her website.  She is a very talented graphic designer and photographer.


Melanie started with an 18 inch metal ruler as a guide and placed pen dots on the wall and used a level to make sure they were all lined up. 

The dots were measured 10 inches above one another.  She then used  painters tape to connect the dots, in a zig zag way so she would alternate between the top and bottom dots in a row as seen in image below.


I just love the outcome!  She used a paint and primer in one by Behr called "Clear Water," and removed the tape just before the paint had dried to get a nice crisp edge. 

Thanks Melanie for sharing your chevron striped wall! It turned out great!


  1. AHHH.....that's AMAZING!!! Loving this!!!

  2. Very nice. I like the thin curtains that fit with the narrow windows perfectly. There's always a risk doing something like this on walls but in this case it turned out well.

  3. thanks guys! I had fun painting this!


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