Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Space a Face Lift!

Summer is here and you will probably be doing more entertaining in and out of your home.  Here are a few tips on how to give your spaces a little face lift with out breaking the bank!

Add COLOR and PATTERN- Most of us have neutral colored sofas which is a perfect backdrop to have fun with bright and colorful pillows for summer.  This is an inexpensive way to change the look and feel of your space.  Don't be afraid to mix patterns as well. If you are unsure about mixing patterns, a great tip for beginners is to stick with patterns in the same color, like image below.

I love these pillow pattern combos from Etsy.

Add Color with an Accent Wall- Painting an accent wall will easily changed the look of you space and add more interest when you enter the room.  This is an easy and inexpensive way to transform your space by painting one wall instead of the whole room.

New Curtains!- An easy way to brighten and lighten up your space for summer is to change out those dark and heavy drapes!  You don't need to get rid of them, they are great for the winter months, creating a warm and cozy feel, but pack them away for the summer and pick up some light, sheer curtains or light weight neutral colored curtains in white or a cream etc. 

Flowers- Adding fresh flowers to your space is an easy way to freshen up the room.  Not only are fresh flowers gorgeous to look at, but they also release a fresh fragrance into the room.  Fresh flowers weekly may get pricey for some of us, for those on a budget, stick to picking up fresh flowers when you know you will be having guests over, use them as the table center piece or as a coffee table arrangement. 

Rearrange Furniture- Last but definitely not least, the best way and most inexpensive way to give your space a face lift... rearrange your furniture! This will cost you $0.00 and can totally transform your space just by re-planning your furniture layout. 

Remember that it is now summer, time for relaxing and having fun so don't be afraid to let that show in your interiors! Have fun with your spaces and don't be afraid to try new things!

If you have a mini room face lift before and afters I would love to see them! You can send before and after photos to ashleyfalkenburginteriors@gmail.com


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Striped Ceilings

Here is some unexpected eye candy for you, not only are they painted ceilings, which I love, but they are also striped! It is daring and unexpected.  Love the look!  It is becoming very popular in nurseries as well.

I love this room below!

Do you have striped ceilings in your home? I would love to see pictures if you do! 

Email me at ashleyfalkenburginteriors@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dining Room Plans

Dining room redo... well dreaming about it anyway!  Below is a picture of my dining room in its current state, needs some work.  We love our "bar wall" but the table set just isn't doing it for me.

I would love a new dining set, this one was in my parent's house for years (used to be white, we painted it black a while back) then it followed me to college, and now is here with me in mine and my husband's apartment.  It has been great but I don't like the chairs at all, very uncomfortable and not that visually pleasing. They have also seen better days... they are starting to fall apart!

So my plan is to keep the table, it is great and still in good condition, and get new chairs!  I have always loved  the Louis Ghost Chair.  I plan on saving up for two of these.... one at each end of the table.

Then to mix it up, maybe Verner Panton Chairs in white for the side chairs? Still debating on this, but I think it will work! 

I just love the bright white modern design with the contrast of traditional elements like this picture below.

Since I will have the bright white chairs, I am thinking of teal curtains instead of the current white.  So, I am starting to save and hopefully will be able to transform our little dining room soon!  I will keep you posted!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sectional Love

I am loving this Reese sectional right now from Room and Board!  I love the modern design, it is simple and could mix very nicely with traditional spaces as well. The corner curve makes it interesting and I just want to curl up on it and watch a movie!

Tufted furniture sure seems to be the trend lately, but I love it! 

The Reese Sectional also comes in many colors and what I love about Room and Board is that everything is completely customizable! This sectional is also pretty reasonably priced as well!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

MPS Awareness Day

Today my husband and I (and our dog Bella) are wearing purple for Logan and all those affected by MPS. Wear purple and spread the word!

What is MPS?

Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) and related diseases are genetic lysosomal storage diseases (LSD) caused by the body's inability to produce specific enzymes. Normally, the body uses enzymes to break down and recycle materials in cells. In individuals with MPS and related diseases, the missing or insufficient enzyme prevents the proper recycling process, resulting in the storage of materials in virtually every cell of the body. As a result, cells do not perform properly and may cause progressive damage throughout the body, including the heart, bones, joints, respiratory system and central nervous system. While the disease may not be apparent at birth, signs and symptoms develop with age as more cells become damaged by the accumulation of cell materials. (source)

Like many of you reading this, I was unaware of this disease until a former classmate and friend of my husband and I,  announced to her friends and family that one of her boys, Logan, was diagnosed on January 16, 2010, with the disease MPS III Type A as known as Sanfillippo Syndrome.  There is no known cure for this disease but with awareness and research doctors can be one step closer for finding a cure or finding ways to prolong one’s life and slow down the disease.


Since diagnosed, Logan has been through chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant as well as many hospital visits and has undergone numerous tests. He is a strong little boy and has a wonderful family to support him.  It has been a long and tough road for the whole family but Logan continues to stay strong and do great and is able to be a kid again with the success of the transplant and play with his brothers, twin Austin, and Aiden.

Please be aware of this disease and spread the awareness to continue to help Logan and others out there just like him. 

To learn more about this disease or donate, please visit:http://mpssociety.org/

To follow Logan and his family's journey, please visit: www.thepacltimes.blogspot.com

Thank you for reading and spreading the awareness about MPS!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bike Storage/Art

So I must admit when I got my bike, it sat in the living room for a few days (I live in an apartment). I loved it so much that I didn't want to put it outside, crazy, maybe but I think bikes are beautiful and if it is like anything else that you enjoy you should be able to enjoy it all the time right? Why not feature a beautifully designed bike as a work of art to enjoy while not riding?

Knife and Saw has a gorgeous solution for storing your bike when not in use and it is a beautiful work of art!  Introducing the BIKE SHELF...

A company called Cycloc also offers a unique way to display your bike on the wall that is more budget friendly and comes in several colors. 

There are many more ways to store your bike, mine sadly is now on the patio, but I sure would love a Bike Shelf

Do you have something that you display in your home that is unexpected? If so, email me and I might feature you on my blog!



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Bathroom Makeover [ A Little Glass Box ]

I recently stumbled across Courtney's blog, A Little Glass Box, and just fell in love with all of her pictures from her house! She has a great style and does it on a budget which is even better! Her bathroom makeover really caught my eye and it shows how simple little changes can really transform a space. The final product is a fun and beautiful little jewel box!

Isn't it just perfect?! I love it! Go here to see the rest of her adorable home and unique style! 
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