Sunday, May 15, 2011

MPS Awareness Day

Today my husband and I (and our dog Bella) are wearing purple for Logan and all those affected by MPS. Wear purple and spread the word!

What is MPS?

Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) and related diseases are genetic lysosomal storage diseases (LSD) caused by the body's inability to produce specific enzymes. Normally, the body uses enzymes to break down and recycle materials in cells. In individuals with MPS and related diseases, the missing or insufficient enzyme prevents the proper recycling process, resulting in the storage of materials in virtually every cell of the body. As a result, cells do not perform properly and may cause progressive damage throughout the body, including the heart, bones, joints, respiratory system and central nervous system. While the disease may not be apparent at birth, signs and symptoms develop with age as more cells become damaged by the accumulation of cell materials. (source)

Like many of you reading this, I was unaware of this disease until a former classmate and friend of my husband and I,  announced to her friends and family that one of her boys, Logan, was diagnosed on January 16, 2010, with the disease MPS III Type A as known as Sanfillippo Syndrome.  There is no known cure for this disease but with awareness and research doctors can be one step closer for finding a cure or finding ways to prolong one’s life and slow down the disease.


Since diagnosed, Logan has been through chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant as well as many hospital visits and has undergone numerous tests. He is a strong little boy and has a wonderful family to support him.  It has been a long and tough road for the whole family but Logan continues to stay strong and do great and is able to be a kid again with the success of the transplant and play with his brothers, twin Austin, and Aiden.

Please be aware of this disease and spread the awareness to continue to help Logan and others out there just like him. 

To learn more about this disease or donate, please visit:

To follow Logan and his family's journey, please visit:

Thank you for reading and spreading the awareness about MPS!

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