Friday, May 20, 2011

Dining Room Plans

Dining room redo... well dreaming about it anyway!  Below is a picture of my dining room in its current state, needs some work.  We love our "bar wall" but the table set just isn't doing it for me.

I would love a new dining set, this one was in my parent's house for years (used to be white, we painted it black a while back) then it followed me to college, and now is here with me in mine and my husband's apartment.  It has been great but I don't like the chairs at all, very uncomfortable and not that visually pleasing. They have also seen better days... they are starting to fall apart!

So my plan is to keep the table, it is great and still in good condition, and get new chairs!  I have always loved  the Louis Ghost Chair.  I plan on saving up for two of these.... one at each end of the table.

Then to mix it up, maybe Verner Panton Chairs in white for the side chairs? Still debating on this, but I think it will work! 

I just love the bright white modern design with the contrast of traditional elements like this picture below.

Since I will have the bright white chairs, I am thinking of teal curtains instead of the current white.  So, I am starting to save and hopefully will be able to transform our little dining room soon!  I will keep you posted!


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