Friday, April 1, 2011

Two Great Ikea Dresser Revamps That I am In Love With!

You can also apply these ideas to old furniture that needs a face lift or even great thrift store finds!

1. Apply Your Favorite Image
This is a great example (minus the image quality, very hard to find this one!) of what to do with your Ikea bought pieces! Mary McDonald, LA based interior designer turned the simple Malm Ikea Dresser into a stunning piece of art. She photocopied her favorite wall paper and cut and glued it directly onto the dresser! You could do this with any image, favorite vacation photo, art image, or even your own art! I love this idea.


2. Create a Knock-Off: Dorothy Draper Style

This dresser adds classic elegance to any space, I just love it in the room below! You can easily get this style on an Ikea budget! 

Take the simple, plain Ikea Rast Dresser (only $39.99!), add some black and gold paint and new hardware and you have a beautiful  Dorothy Draper (knock-off) dresser!

more info and detailed DIY instructions visit Marcus Design

1 comment:

  1. I love when people put their own spin on Ikea furniture. Such creativity out there.


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