Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Patio Inspiration Board

I was in Anthropologie the other day and fell in love with Terai Folding Chair (and just about everything else).  It comes in multiple fabrics but this one with the green is my favorite! Here is a little inspiration board I made for a fun eclectic patio with the Terai Folding Chair as my source of design inspiration. It is a mix of color, pattern, and texture for a truly unique space!


  1. Dear LORD I love that folding chair. -swoon-
    Cute blog Ashley!!! Thanks for sharing the love on the free email designs, did you make one? I did two ;) I couldnt help myself, lol. xoxo Shelli

  2. Thanks! And yes of course, I had to make my own email design! : ) So cute! Thanks again for sharing!


  3. Super cute Ashley! Love the chair.

  4. What a fresh and pretty inspiration board! Thanks for stopping by my blog Ashley, I'm looking forward to reading your posts!



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